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      Welcome to China Daya Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. 

      Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

      VS1-24 / t630-20 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for indoor distribution equipment with rated voltage of 24kV and three-phase AC 50Hz.

      Win win cooperation

      We cooperate with enterprises all over the world. We look forward to cooperating with you for a win-win future

      12kV high voltage load switch

      12kV high voltage load switch, small size, maintenance free, widely used in the power grid

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      About us

      China Daya Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Daya electrical equipment factory) was founded in 1988 and cooperated with Shanghai Institute of electrical science in 1989. In 1990, it was awarded as the designated enterprise of the Ministry of machinery industry and the Ministry of electric power industry for the production of complete sets of high and low voltage switchgear. The two networks of the State Economic and Trade Commission transformed and recommended product enterprises.

      The group company has passed the ISO9000 international quality management system certification. It is an advanced unit of national township enterprises in scientific and technological progress and a provincial high-tech enterprise. The company mainly produces high and low voltage switch cabinets of 35kV and below, indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, box type substations, cable distribution boxes, high-voltage load switches, solid insulation cabinets, inflatable cabinets and other products.

      The group company has 18 control and investment member enterprises, with total assets of 260 million, 1960 employees, 40% of whom are engineering and technical personnel, modern machining center, production lines of various products, CAD aided design and scientific management system to ensure product quality. The company is market-oriented. In 1998, the company introduced domestic and foreign advanced technology to independently develop the national leading zw22-12 / 1250-25ka outdoor column vacuum circuit breaker. In April 1999, the company passed various type tests at Shanghai Huatong central test station. In October 1999, the company was appraised by experts organized by Zhejiang Electric Power Bureau and Provincial Machinery Department. The products are at the leading level in China, which can be put into mass production and listed in the third batch of two network transformation recommended products by the State Economic and Trade Commission.
      The group has formed an effective sales network all over the country. Daya brand has a high reputation in the Asian market, and its quality is well received by users.

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